Refund policy
Muscreators.com does not refund services purchased. We provide an intangible product that cannot be returned, so we do not refund the amount after payment for the product. Payment obligations cannot be canceled and payment is non-refundable. By purchasing services on our website, you understand and accept these terms.

Muscreators does not comply with requests for refunds or refunds based on the following reasons:

1. Poor or incorrect operation of the partner's site. These include: availability of site pages 24/7, site loading speed, presence or absence of links, comments from users of the partner site, text structure, style and content availability.

2. Incomplete use of Muscreators.com services during the paid period; refund for periods of service renewal, refund of unused funds within the account.

We provide equal opportunities to all customers and cannot make any exceptions.

If the customer believes that the services were not provided in the form in which they were recorded in the contract, he can file a complaint to Muscreators.com Support.

Please contact our support, hello@Muscreators.com no later than 7 days from the date of purchase. You must provide strong and clear evidence that the product or service does not match the description on our website. We do not accept complaints based solely on the client's erroneous expectations or wishes.

Muscreators.com handles complaints on a case-by-case basis. We reserve the right to satisfy or reject any complaint in our sole discretion.

When withdrawing funds from the system, the payment processing fee charged when entering funds into the system is not refunded.

When making a refund, a fee is also charged for processing the withdrawal of funds from the system, which is equal to the fee for processing the payment when entering funds into the system.

The system fee for payment processing when entering and withdrawing funds from the system may vary and depends on the payment system used to carry out the entry and withdrawal of funds into the system / from the system.

Withdrawal of funds from the system is carried out only by the payment method by which the funds were entered into the system.
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