Online service for effective and large-scale artist promotion.
Simple and user-friendly SaaS service for smart and effective artist promotion for global and local markets using special algorithms.
89% of artists don't know how to advertise themselves to become more popular and promote their product effectively on a large scale.
Time and money economy
Leave the service all the routine work, and generate more quality content.
Easily promoted releases
Deliver your content to the audience effectively
Increased income and popularity
Earn more, doing something that you love.
A simple and effective online service for artist promotion
Promotion releases in the media
  • Automated database selection and distribution by relevant media
  • Ready-made templates for creating effective press releases
  • Guaranteed publications
Promotion of releases on streaming services
  • Guaranteed participation in Spotify playlists
  • Automated media plans distribution on Spotify
  • Statistics of listening and user activity
Automated media plans development with budget calculation
  • Ready-made templates for creating releases media plans
  • Simple and user-friendly interface
  • Budget calculation for the media plans implementation
Advertising on world platforms and social networks
  • Show on world platforms: Billboard, MTV, Rolling Stone, iHeartRadio, Reddit, Last FM
  • Effective setting up of advertising in social networks from a single artist's office
  • Reporting of advertising companies and indicators of their effectiveness
Market size
in revenue
and over 3M users on the
ReverbNation website
sales of music recordings according to
IFPI Global Music Report 2019
Over 9M
and $100M was paid by the
CDBaby platform in 2018
We charge a 20% commission on each deal.
After the first year of launching second business model.
3 years after the launch
Buisness model – subscription.
We expect 1M users on the 3rd year. We take the average amount of paid services users,
10% of the total user base.
What we have now
  • The management team for supporting and promoting artists.
  • Hubmus – educational project, that helps artists to get the knowledge necessary for their project.
  • Telegram bot for quick artist search.
  • 850+ registered artists and event managers in the bot database.
  • Over 1000 media resources and radio stations we work with throughout Ukraine.
  • More than 540 promo campaigns for regular customers a year.
Taburetka music showcase
The team has over 10 years of experience in music management and IT projects.
Olga Bilozir
CEO, founder
Over 10 years of music industry experience. Ex Program Director of the "Video Zhara" festival and one of the Atlas Weekend 2018 stages. Created a company to help artists promote themselves.
Kostiantyn Nesterenko
СТО, Co founder
More than 10 years of experience in the IT industry. Worked for startups creating new products. Participated in company scaling.
Volodymyr Vysotskyi
Product designer, Co founder
Over 5 years of experience in design development. Developed websites, mobile apps, and large SaaS systems.
Denis Grubskiy
Over 9 years experience in marketing.
Worked as a Marketing Director at UKRTELECOM company.
Founder of a large platform "First Ukrainian music encyclopedia UA Music"
Serhiy Martynenko
Promo Manager
5 years experience in music industry. EX-PR and SMM manager of music projects.
Founder of the most famous music Telegram-project about Ukrainian music - Sluhach UA.
Muscreators' mission:
Supporting and developing a community of talented people around the world, building strong bonds with the music industry. Helping to develop professional careers of artists.
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