Online service for effective
and large-scale
artist promotion.
At the global and local markets
Guaranteed release delivery
to media channels.
Result after each promo campaign
New songs are not listened to on Spotify and the artist is not talked about in the media?
To quickly promote releases worldwide.
Few talented new artists appear on TV
and radio?
For a worldwide release promotion
More than 10,000 media channels
New artists are not being watched on YouTube or listened to on the radio?
All media tools for fast promotion
and fanbase growth worldwide
Ready and tested database of media channels: media, radio, playlists.
Send mailing via relevant media channels with a ready-made database around the world from a single platform. Our platform regularly updates the media base, checks it, and then offers the mailing.
The promotional tools are automatically matched to the artist's genre. Choose the offered by the platform region which suits you and start the mailing list throughout Europe, CIS and USA to increase the chances of being heard worldwide.
Release promotion for only $25
Save time and budgets. Artists should create, not do a routine work. Saving the budget for distribution of information about the Artist's release will help apply the main budget for advertising in additional directions when launching promo campaigns, for example, you may need to budget for targeting ads in social networks. So you don't waste time, effort and budgets sending out your release to the masses – you leave this work for an automated platform.
It's important for media outlets to get a correctly drafted press release for an artist. On the platform, you will find prepped-and-ready solutions that will help easily and correctly to create your press release and form your promo pack. The platform presents specially drafted and designed templates based on the requirements from media representatives. Having been correctly made up and assembled, the press release and promo pack is sure to increase the chances of being published.
Creating a high-quality press release and promotional pack form for the media using ready-made solutions.
Open and clear promotional campaign statistics.
The out-of-the-box solutions of the platform are to assist you in getting far too better results after each promo campaign which results you can see in your personal account on the platform – with open publication statistics, links to the artist's manifestations and the number of mailings sent to media channels.
For an artists
For the artist managers
who want mass distribution of their release at an affordable cost

who have already tried to promote themselves on their own, but faced difficulties and high service costs in the music industry

who want to become popular and get involved with their own creativity rather than a routine music management
who want to run large-scale and successful promotional campaigns for their artists across all media channels and receive feedback in a convenient form

who want to automate and simplify artists' promotion processes and gather clear statistics on the promotional campaign undertaken

who want to reduce the time and costs on preparing and launching artists' promotional campaigns
One media channel
One region
  • Mailing to a selected media channel
  • Report with statistics
  • Feedback on the mailing list
  • Press release template
  • Promo pack
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Two media channels
Two regions
  • Mailing to a selected media channels
  • Report with statistics
  • Feedback on the mailing list
  • Press release template
  • Promo pack
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All media channels
All regions
  • Mailing to the all media channels
  • Report with statistics
  • Feedback on the mailing list
  • Press release template
  • Promo pack
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